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Current CLAW Operations

EPS Collection Centre

A traditionally difficult product to handle, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is another acceptable, recyclable product. CLAW Environmental was chosen by the Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA) and EPS Australia Inc (formally REPSA) to house Western Australia’s only Polystyrene Compaction Plant. CLAW also offers among the cheapest EPS recycling rates in Australia and we are committed to providing a great solution for this product.

drumMUSTER and the Bush

drumMUSTER is an industry-run program which includes a levy on the sale of agricultural chemicals to ensure that the drums that they are packaged in, are recycled effectively. CLAW Environmental has invested a great deal of both effort and finances into developing a mobile shredding unit superior in efficiency and safety to any alternatives that were previously processing WA drums. Plastic drums are shredded onsite while steel drums may either be shredded or baled before being added to CLAW Environmental's recyclable product.

Through the drumMUSTER program as well as strategies including the leasing of balers, CLAW hopes to be able to extend its reach into more and more country areas. There is evidence of this happening right now, as CLAW’s commitment to the drumMUSTER program and to specific regional industrial areas is significant and unwavering. It is hoped that waste may soon be diverted away from rural landfill sites and recycling become a state-wide venture.

Shredding and Granulation

With the help of heavy-duty shredders, granulators and balers, CLAW Environmental is able to efficiently break down rigid plastics and compress flexible materials. Plastic leaves CLAW in the form of a regrind, granule or as part of a bale, and is then available to be used in the remanufacturing process to make various products.

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